3 steps to Citizenship and Residency of Cyprus

Our specialists will explain you how to become a citizen or a resident of Cyprus and Europeen Union. It is not so difficult as you think.
You have to buy only the house for 300 000 euro (residency) or invest in Cyprus 2,5 mln euro (citizenship) and you can build the future of your family in European Union. Yourself, and your family, can feel save, you can travel without visas, you can send your children to the best schools and universities in Europe, you can make a good business everywhere.
Our expert guide you through the property search and residency process.

Prior to your visit in Cyprus we will:


  • verify eligibility of applicant to obtain citizenship or residency via property purchase;
  • explain how the citizenship or residency application is processed, its costs and turnaround time;
  • propose advice on the property and other investment, which will fill applicant’s investment needs and criteria;
  • give information on the property purchase procedure and costs;
  • offer legal and tax advice relevant to applying for citizenship or residency;

We are a unique, independent luxury real estate advisor. We do not represent any real estate development company. We specialize in investor-driven purchases; our firm has an unrivalled portfolio of high-end properties of various development companies in the Limassol and Paphos regions.


Our property portfolio includes:


  • city centre apartments and penthouses;
  • luxury sea view villas;
  • modern townhouses;
  • coastal golf properties;
  • building plots;
  • tourist apartments



Golden Gate, which works with top Cypriot lawyers, will process and submit your Citizenship or Residency application. Golden Gate will handle every aspect of the residency process. The process is straightforward and applicants will be assisted at every step by our legal experts.

The process is as follows:


  • A client contacts Golden Gate and receives all the information needed;
  • Golden Gates prepares the client`s visit in Cyprus. Once the dates and flight details of the client’s trip to Cyprus are agreed, our Company will arrange hotel accommodation and transportation for the duration of the visit;
  • During the visit, the Client will be picked up from the airport and escorted on property viewing trips. He/She will also be accompanied at meetings with legal experts. The visit itinerary will be scheduled until the moment of client’s departure. Golden Gate also requires the client to sign a Representation Agreement appointing our company as the client’s exclusive representative in Cyprus;
  • Once the client chooses his/her investment properties, we will meet with Golden Gate`s lawyers and sign a Power of Attorney authorizing them to act in all residency-related matters: to carry out the necessary Land Registry transactions and to submit the application for naturalization on behalf of the client. The client will provide a security deposit for his/her investment properties;
  • Golden Gate will handle all subsequent Residency applications, including for the spouse and children under 28.(*) However the applicant, his/her spouse and children should come to Cyprus for a period of 14 days in order to receive their Cypriot Passport and ID.
  • (*) if dependent 

We will take care of the management of your property. Property management advice is invaluable to ensure that property generates a maximum return on assets. Golden Gate property and rental management services are designed to ensure that owning a property in Cyprus is as easy as possible. We offer services such as procuring designers and architects, organizing inventory, handling letting negotiations, managing deposit payments and maintenance work. You can enjoy peace of mind knowing that your property is well looked after while you are away.

More question? Contact with us!

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Our specialists are at your service. We can inform you, without any obligations on your part, about all the aspects of investment, current laws and the administration process to obtain

Cypriot Passport investment

or Residency Permit. We will be pleased to help you.


Become an Associate of Golden Gate

Our company is always open to new collaborations with potential estate agents, brokers, and individuals that would be interested in promoting our offers, and benefit from our collaboration. All you need to do is complete the online enquiry form or call. A member of our team will then contact you.


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Cyprus Citizenship by investment


We can assist you



"Golden Gate” supported by Athman Investments was created to address your needs,

to help you take a step toward a safer future, future of your children.


We would like to support you also for personal reasons and with full confidence.

We have already made that step ouselfs.

We would like to help you choose the luxury property which meets

your expectations and assist you in the process of getting

passport by investment in Cyprus

or Residency until you and your family obtain

Cyprus EU second citizenship

or Cypriot residency permit.


We can assure you of the highest level of our services. We are independent advisors,

which means that we do not represent a development company

– we represent the client. Therefore, we can offer the best, carefully chosen properties

from different developers.





Cypriot EU second passport

in just 3 month


Investors and their families can get, under the law adopted on 19 March 2014, second passport by

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Program


The fast application process saves a lot of time for investors and their families, who can now get

Cypriot passport by investment in just 3 months.

The process is simple and straightforward. Cyprus is one of the few EU countries offering

citizenship by investment in Cyprus

directly, without residency requirements. In other countries, applicants must first

obtain a residency permit

and, after a period of five to ten years, may file a new

application for Cyprus citizenship by Investment.


The Cypriot system has transparent procedures based on economic criteria

and the requirement of a clean criminal record.





Good profit from investment in Cyprus

on property market


Today, after six years of falling house prices, the Cypriot housing market

reached the bottom. Since the beginning of the crisis, prices have dropped 25% to 37%.


We think that most of the conditions for secure and good investment in Cypriot properties are met.

Golden Gate will be honoured to support you on your way

toward owning a new house and obtaining Cypriot passport or residency permit.