Life with Cypriot passport


Cyprus Citizenship by Investment

Feel Mediterranean atmosphere

Wonderful climate and a healthy environment


From ancient times Cyprus was called the „island of the sun” because the sun shines for 340 days a year. Its climate is considered one of the healthiest in the world. Infectious diseases are practically unknown. The sun shines continuously and average yearly temperatures rise to 30° C (86° F) . In the summer months Cyprus is a veritable tresor for holidaymakers.

The Cyprus winter is short and mild, with average daytime temperatures around 16°C. However there is a short snow season on the mountains from January to March. In the winter Cyprus offers also good skiing conditions. During winter you can swim even in the sea and within an hour ski in the Troodos Mountains.

The environmental conditions are very good as well. Cyprus population is only 1mln people. There are no large enterprises, which could pollute the environment. Fourty nine Cyprus beaches have been awarded the international certificate of the cleanest „Blue Flag”.




Safe life

In Cyprus there is one of the lowest crime rate in the European Union. Important thing is that foreigners whatever nationality they are feel at home in Cyprus. Cyprus phenomenon mostly consists in that amazing atmosphere. Foreigners now account for more than 20 percent of the population. This is the second rate in Europe (the first is Luxembourg). Almost all the Cypriots speak English and at a high level at that.


High standard of living

Cyprus has been a member of the European Union since 2004. Since 2008 has been in the Euro Zone. According to GDP per head Cyprus has caught up with Italy. Average lifetime is 81 years by women and 78 years by men. Cyprus has modern Healthcare system.


Qualitative education

Perhaps in Cyprus there is one of the best systems of education in the Mediterranean. One can choose Greek, English or even Russian schools. Private English schools provide complete cycle of primary and secondary education in all the big cities of Cyprus


Investments in Cyprus

Significant reserves of natural gas have been found in the Mediterranean offshore in economic area of the Republic of Cyprus. Its production will start in 2017. The revenue of the production considering the small size of Cyprus can make it a really prosperous country and could lead to an increase in property prices.

Many companies from different countries moved their head offices to Cyprus. This is connected with unique atmosphere created there for business and the lowest level of taxes in the EU.

Facts & Figures

History of Cyprus

Cypriot economy


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Cyprus Citizenship by investment


We can assist you



"Golden Gate” supported by Athman Investments was created to address your needs,

to help you take a step toward a safer future, future of your children.


We would like to support you also for personal reasons and with full confidence.

We have already made that step ouselfs.

We would like to help you choose the luxury property which meets

your expectations and assist you in the process of getting

passport by investment in Cyprus

or Residency until you and your family obtain

Cyprus EU second citizenship

or Cypriot residency permit.


We can assure you of the highest level of our services. We are independent advisors,

which means that we do not represent a development company

– we represent the client. Therefore, we can offer the best, carefully chosen properties

from different developers.





Cypriot EU second passport

in just 3 month


Investors and their families can get, under the law adopted on 19 March 2014, second passport by

Cyprus Citizenship Investment Program


The fast application process saves a lot of time for investors and their families, who can now get

Cypriot passport by investment in just 3 months.

The process is simple and straightforward. Cyprus is one of the few EU countries offering

citizenship by investment in Cyprus

directly, without residency requirements. In other countries, applicants must first

obtain a residency permit

and, after a period of five to ten years, may file a new

application for Cyprus citizenship by Investment.


The Cypriot system has transparent procedures based on economic criteria

and the requirement of a clean criminal record.





Good profit from investment in Cyprus

on property market


Today, after six years of falling house prices, the Cypriot housing market

reached the bottom. Since the beginning of the crisis, prices have dropped 25% to 37%.


We think that most of the conditions for secure and good investment in Cypriot properties are met.

Golden Gate will be honoured to support you on your way

toward owning a new house and obtaining Cypriot passport or residency permit.